Reviving Franchise Pride: Teams Making a Comeback This Season

By NFLBite Staff   2023-08-29  
Reviving Franchise Pride: Teams Making a Comeback This Season

As the NFL season approaches, the stage is set for the captivating narratives of teams striving to rise from the shadows and reclaim their former glory. This article delves into the journeys of these NFL comeback teams, exploring their stories of unexpected breakthroughs and strategic revamps. 

This article explores the narratives of NFL comeback teams, highlighting their journeys, prospects, and the factors behind their resurgence in the upcoming season.

Reviving Franchise Pride: Teams Making a Comeback This Season in the NFL

Stay engaged to discover the remarkable tales of teams on the cusp of a triumphant return, unveiling how determination, innovation, and strategic changes are shaping their quest for glory again.

Philadelphia Eagles: A Determined Return to the Top

The Philadelphia Eagles, the reigning NFC champions, are leading the pack of comeback hopefuls. Despite facing the league's toughest schedule based on the winning percentages of their opponents from the previous year, the Eagles are determined to build on their success. 

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Under new coordinators and with some key position changes, the team remains confident with a roster that many consider one of the most well-rounded in the league. Their resilience and depth make it hard to envision them missing the postseason unless struck by catastrophic injuries.

Buffalo Bills: Chasing Super Bowl Dreams

Once preseason Super Bowl darlings, the Buffalo Bills look to regain momentum after falling short of expectations. The return of key players like LB Von Miller, CB Tre'Davious White, and safeties Micah Hyde and Damar Hamlin strengthens their defense, while improvements in the run game and pass defense enhance their overall game plan. 

While challenges such as a daunting schedule and a competitive division remain, the Bills have the potential to navigate these obstacles and emerge as strong contenders for Super Bowl 58.

San Francisco 49ers: Overcoming Hurdles for Glory

The San Francisco 49ers, known for their resilience, face challenges like the departure of defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans and the holdout of Nick Bosa. However, the emergence of second-year QB Brock Purdy brings a renewed sense of optimism. 

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With a strong supporting cast and the potential for Purdy to build on his impressive rookie performance, the 49ers are poised to defy expectations and secure a strong position in the NFC.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Ascending in a Competitive Division

The Jacksonville Jaguars, under the leadership of HC Doug Pederson, are riding a wave of momentum from their previous year's success. The AFC South, which they are poised to dominate for another year or two, provides a favorable platform for their playoff aspirations. 

With a foundation built on steady improvement, the Jaguars are well-positioned to secure a postseason berth and continue their upward trajectory.

Kansas City Chiefs: Sustaining Excellence Amidst Challenges

The Kansas City Chiefs, reigning Super Bowl 57 champions, face a competitive AFC West division and a challenging road ahead. While adapting to new offensive tackles and a shift in coaching dynamics, the Chiefs are aware of the depth and talent of the AFC. 

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes remains a driving force, but the team might face a more formidable journey to the playoffs this season.

Seattle Seahawks: Bolstered by Youth and Talent

The Seattle Seahawks, wild cards in the previous season, have integrated young talents into their roster, building on the foundation of the 2022 Russell Wilson trade. 

The team's improvements make them strong contenders in the NFC West, where their chances of making the playoffs are promising. Barring any unexpected regression, the Seahawks are on track for a successful resurgence.

Cincinnati Bengals: Navigating the Competitive AFC North

The Cincinnati Bengals are well-poised to excel in the competitive AFC North. Their well-rounded roster and the potential for QB Joe Burrow to shine make them contenders for the division title. 

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning (6) throwing a pass during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Washington Commanders, Saturday, Aug. 26, 2023, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)


However, recent concerns about Burrow's injury and his potential absence raise questions about the team's stability early in the season. Nonetheless, the Bengals remain a comeback team to watch.

Dallas Cowboys: Defensive Upgrades for a Stronger Run

The Dallas Cowboys enter the new season with a revamped defense led by the addition of Stephon Gilmore. This defensive enhancement complements an already effective offense. Despite some differences in vision between head coach Mike McCarthy and owner Jerry Jones, the Cowboys are primed to make a comeback. 

The team's success might heavily depend on how well the new defensive strategies align with the offensive prowess.

Miami Dolphins: Overcoming Obstacles for Playoff Return

The Miami Dolphins face a competitive AFC landscape where a playoff return is not guaranteed. The absence of newly acquired CB Jalen Ramsey poses a challenge, but a full season with QB Tua Tagovailoa and the guidance of HC Mike McDaniel and DC Vic Fangio offer hope. 

The team's resilience and ability to weather early challenges could define their comeback story.

Minnesota Vikings: Diminished Expectations

The Minnesota Vikings, who overperformed in the previous season, face injuries and a challenging schedule. The absence of key players and a lackluster projected record highlight the uphill battle for the Vikings. 

With diminished expectations, the team's ability to find new sources of strength and resilience becomes paramount.

New York Giants: Struggling Against Tough Competition

The New York Giants, who overperformed in the previous season's playoffs, face a tough schedule featuring formidable opponents. The team's ability to navigate the AFC East and NFC West and the uncertainty surrounding key players will significantly impact their chances of a playoff return. 

The Giants must find ways to overcome challenges to make a successful comeback.

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Q1. Which teams are the most likely to make a comeback in the NFL this season?

A1. The Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, and San Francisco 49ers are some of the top teams with strong rosters and potential to stage a comeback this season.

Q2. What challenges do these comeback teams face?

A2. Many comeback teams face tough schedules, key player injuries, and transitioning coaching dynamics. These obstacles will test their resilience and determination.

Q3.Which teams face the toughest competition in their divisions?

A3. The Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West and the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North face tough competition within their divisions.

Q4. How important is quarterback performance for these teams' comeback prospects?

A4. Quarterbacks play a crucial role in leading these comeback teams. Their performance, adaptability, and ability to elevate the team's play will significantly impact their chances of making a successful return.

Q6. Which teams have the potential to surprise everyone and exceed expectations?

A6. Teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks have the potential to exceed expectations, given their strong foundations and strategic improvements.


The current season has given sports fans worldwide a reason to celebrate. In conclusion, the NFL season is a canvas where comeback stories unfold. These teams' resilience, strategic adjustments, and player performances will determine their revival in the league. 

These stories testify that a team's pride can be revived through dedication, perseverance, and the unwavering support of its fans. As the season progresses, we can only anticipate more thrilling narratives of teams reclaiming their glory and inspiring us all.

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