Top 10 Unsung Heroes of the NFL

By NFLBite Staff   2023-09-12  
Top 10 Unsung Heroes of the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is a sports powerhouse. It is known for its dazzling array of superstars and iconic legends who have left an incredible mark on the game. These best underrated NFL players have quietly shaped NFL's history, displaying incredible skill, resilience, and dedication, often without the fanfare and recognition they deserve.

Behind every touchdown, game-saving tackle, or crucial play are players and figures in the NFL. Who has labored in the shadows, yet their impact reverberates through the league's history, from unheralded linemen who anchored championship-winning teams to coaches who formulated brilliant strategies. These best underrated NFL players have left an indelible mark on the NFL's legacy.

Top 10 Best Unsung Heroes of the NFL

In this article, we delve into the lives and careers of these best underrated NFL players, uncovering the often-overlooked narratives that have shaped the NFL into the cultural phenomenon it is today.

1. Lee Evans

Lee Evans is one of the best underrated NFL players. He has only missed two games for the pitiful Buffalo Bills in six seasons. Having 5,356 yards and 39 touchdowns is part of his career total. Not bad for a player on the 41-55 Bills since Evans' first season. His loyalty, nevertheless, might be his most outstanding quality.

Lee Evans has kept silent and continued to play for the team that drafted him in 2004, year after year, despite all the contract disagreements regarding money, team, or length.

In 2006, when he caught 82 passes for 1,292 yards and eight touchdowns, he had his best season.

What Happened To Lee Evans? (Story)

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2.  Kirk Morrison

Since entering the NFL in 2005, Kirk Morrison has been a beast. His tackle totals over his career are:

2005: 116

2006: 127

2007: 120 2008: 135

2009: 133

Like Lee Evans, Morrison hasn't received the credit he deserves because he played for the Raiders. Every year he played for the Raiders, he was the defensive captain. He leaped directly from the pan into the fire.

3. Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant has been the Packers' top back since 2007 (the year he won my fantasy league), while never being regarded as one of the best. Since then, his numbers have increased annually.

He is one of the last remaining workhorses in the NFL and doesn't receive the credit he merits.

4. Jerrico Cotchery

For the previous four seasons, Jerricho Cotchery has been the top receiver for the Jets. However, whenever someone talks about the Jets receivers, they always mention "Braylon Edwards this" or "Santonio Holmes that." The man who is forgotten is Cotchery.

In 2007, he had his best season when he caught 82 receptions for 1,130 yards. 

Jerricho Cotchery Hired as Assistant Wide Receivers Coach - Cat Scratch  Reader

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5. Chester Taylor

Chester Taylor is the backup for a career. He assisted Jamal Lewis in Baltimore from 2002 to 2005. After that, in Minnesota in 2006, he was given the chance to start, and he nailed it with 1,216 yards and six touchdowns on 303 attempts (a 4.0 average).

Nevertheless, Taylor has amassed over 4,000 yards of rushing and 2,000 yards of receiving while earning a living as a backup. 

6. Derrick Mason

Derrick Mason, one of the league's elderly players, won't disappear. He gives his team a reliable wide receiver to throw the ball to every year. Even though he isn't the fastest player anymore, he still finds openings.

 He has amassed 10,481 yards and 56 touchdowns since the year 2000. Except for 2000 and 2006 (895-750), he has also amassed 1,000 receiving yards each of those years. Even though Anquan Boldin will reduce his playing time this season, he is a proven winner who will help his team win.

7. Brandon Stokley

Although Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson will always put up more numbers, there is a reason Brandon Stokley has been playing in the NBA since 1999. He played on the Colts offense in 2004, featuring three different 1,000-yard receivers. Stokley, who played as the team's slot receiver, hauled 68 passes for 1,077 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Even though his numbers haven't precisely been the same since then, he has been a crucial component of every team he has played on. He may easily be the go-to receiver on third downs as a reliable slot receiver.

Toughness, tenacity, talent led to Brandon Stokley's unique notification –  Crescent City Sports

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Stokley snagged a deflected pass and carried it in for an 87-yard game-winning touchdown against Cincinnati in last year's season opener. He came down with his tipped pass with remarkable awareness. He, therefore, offers a solid, experienced presence and leadership, at the very least. 

8. Aaron Smith

These two might be switched out for any effective 3-4 defensive ends. The Steelers are the most reliable team, so I chose them. When considering the Steelers ' defense, you likely picture players like Polamalu, Harrison, Woodley, etc..

 You don't hear all the double teams that Brett Keisel and Aaron Smith control up front, which frees up the linebackers to move around freely. Or how they interfere with the run on every play involving a run.

 According to James Farrior, Aaron Smith was "the most important player on the Steeler's defense," his injury last season made that statement abundantly clear. 

9. Markus Golden

Who led the Cardinals in sacks in 2021 without Googling it? J.J. Watt wasn't it, though. Not Chandler Jones, though. That distinction belongs to Golden, an underappreciated rusher who finished the 2021 season with a club-best 11 sacks and tied for the team lead with five pressure-induced turnovers. You probably didn't hear much about Golden, even though he tied for the most pass rushes of any NFL defense this season (minimum 250).

That's okay; he was preoccupied with accumulating 33 stops, a QB pressure percentage of over 11, and seven-run stuff. Jones and Golden both produced significant amounts of work in 2021, but only one of them received national attention. 

10. A.J. Terrell

Because the 7-10 Falcons weren't exactly the lead-in to every sports talk show, the ordinary football fan may have completely missed Terrell's second NFL season. That shouldn't detract from the young star's fantastic campaign.

It's time to start talking about A.J. Terrell

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In 2021, Terrell developed into a shutdown corner, allowing an opposing quarterback rating of less than 50.0 and an above-expected completion percentage of -14.6. He frequently prevented opponents from scoring, as evidenced by his targeted anticipated points added, which was the best among all NFL defenders (minimum 50 targets) at -29.4. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these unsung heroes in the NFL?

These unsung heroes made significant contributions to the NFL but are often overlooked or underrated in the league's history. They may include players, coaches, or other figures who profoundly impacted the game.

How were these unsung heroes selected?

The selection process for these unsung heroes is based on their lesser-known contributions and influence on the NFL's development. The list considers their career achievements, their impact on their respective teams, and the broader league.

Can you provide examples of some unsung heroes in the NFL?

Certainly! Some examples include offensive linemen who provided vital protection for quarterbacks, defensive players who made crucial stops, coaches who devised innovative strategies, and individuals who played pivotal roles off the field. 


In the grand tapestry of the National Football League, the best underrated NFL players we've explored in this journey have proven that the bright lights of stardom don't always define greatness. In this league, we have seen many players come and leave, but not every one of them has received the media attention of the darlings. It might be a player who, like David Tyree, appears out of nowhere to make a Super Bowl helmet catch. Or it might be a stalwart like the Steelers' Aaron Smith on defense.

 However, there may be several players on this list who I missed, as well as a few that you feel should not be included.

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